Friday, April 27, 2012

Doctor Cartoons, Doctored Accounts by Emma Holister

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Ivan Illich illustrated: Deschooling Society

Mandating Vaccines is Murder: SB277, the virology ideology and Pasteur's legacy of laboratories

Tom and Mae's family of 'innocence': The Visage of Vichy Revisted (this article includes a link to San Francisco artist James Torlakson's artoworks on his daughter Elisabeth's anti-depressant-related suicide)

Ivan Illich Medical Nemesis - Limits to Medicine - The Expropriation of Health


21-20 said...

It says there's been no comments? Really~?

I find that hard to believe. Frankly I think your cartoons are both spot-on and brilliant. The Spouse doesn't like the computer much so I print selected ones out for her and sneak them on her desk at appropriate times (she's an amateur artist and her wee studio is very much 'no man's land').

Argus said...

May I use some of your cartoons in my WP blog, please?

If yes I shall of course link back to this page with due credit — if no I'll sulk forever (and no-one sulks like this sulky old dog, I tells ya! You ain't been sulked until ... never mind.)